Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I can see in color again!!!

(Click the pic for better detail)

This is Montana in it's normal brown monochromatic state. The whole place is either brown or yellow.

Some time in the last 3 days, the whole place turned to an increadable lush green!
(I realize that to those of you reading this in places with regular rain and non-tundra like weather, this may not look so impressive... trust me this is lush. It makes me smile just to see the color green!)

This is the green one. (incase you didn't pic up the subtle difference.)

I think Green is becomeing my favorite color.


kodjo said...

I am going to see the green flash!

amateur.sophist said...

Green is Chestocrates favorite color as well.

Notorious said...

Have you never seen it before...(the green flash) Acrually it is a myth told to new sailors!

Chestocrates is a fly Sonofabitch! Weapons and dead presidents... Fuck Yea!

I just did the math... Relateing to green and plants... I have not experianced a green spring since 2003 in Alabama. I haven't probably been green grass for more than a total of 2.5 weeks in the last 4 years. Holy shit! That must be why I like it so much!

Notorious said...

Correction: I have not been around green grass for more than 2.5 weeks. I think I have actually been the green grass even less than the 2.5 weeks.

Chestocrates said...

You bastards.

(changes favorite color to arterial red)

kodjo said...

The green flash is not a myth. Nor is the purple flash from venus. And this is also my first spring since 2003, but that's because I lived in the seasonless subtropics for two years and then the tundra for a few months. Now, I'm moving on to the actual tropics, where there's prime green flash viewing.