Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Power Plants... probably Super villain/hero fortresses

First of all, I would like to apologize to all my regular readers... I know this has been a huge break... I have been back from this trip for about 7 months.  I hope I remember half the stories for the next month and a half after I got to St Louis... and went all the way to Florida in the boat.  I guess we will see if I did. I did take some notes, and still have a most of the pictures, but the real problems was that a few weeks after my last post I got robbed in Greenville Mississippi... (technically boat burgled) but without a computer or camera for the rest of the trip, you can imagine how hard it was to blog.

(A pretty picture... though I was actually stuck in the mud walking around trying to find deeper water when I took this.)

My plan is to catch you all up on the rest of the trip, then tell you about my continuing adventure plans. (Hint: I am building an even more absurd impractical mode of transportation in my new garage in Albuquerque!)

Anyways, I'll ease you back into readership and myself back into writership by discussing the superhero and super-villain lairs that I passed along the river.  As crazy as it is, the whole Missouri River is damned up with hydroelectric dams... yet, along the whole way, there are also coal plants.  The argument being, the dams are in the middle of no where where no one uses the electricity, and the coal plants need a lot of water anyways, so close to the people they build coal plants and use the water for cooling.  Though they could transport the electricity over high tension wires but instead build even more coal pants... also in the middle of no where?  I smell something fishy!  (Asian Carp)

This sounds as likely as that gourmet popcorn store that was in the Nickles Arcade in Ann Arbor being a viable business.  Come on!  You are going to tell me that students are buying enough gourmet popcorn to support a store in the most expensive real estate on campus?  Instead of Greek Mobsters laundering money with popcorn, all these coal power plants are obviously lairs for super people.  I took a few pictures... I am sure you will agree by the end.

For starters, look at this place!  Obviously a good guy lives here.  Loot at the high stone window arches from which this super hero can brood overlooking the majesty of the Missouri River!

This one, obviously a super villain.  You can just tell.

This one... Well, I think I was just impressed at the size of this smoke stack.  

Hmmm.... well, shoot.  Now that I look at my pictures, I apparently don't have nearly the pictures of all the incredible super people power plant lairs that I thought I had.  The post is already written so you are going to have to trust me on this.  They no doubt also all have submarine pens, that they access the river and thus the world!  It all just makes to much sense not to be true.

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