Sunday, June 05, 2016

Tomorrow... The Missouri River!

So from Gladstone on a funny thing happened, in my dads modern well maintained unmodified (upgraded) car, we didn't have to fix anything at all on the side of the road.

Super weird!  It's like I brought my tools for nothing!

The blue Buick is going to spend the summer on vacation in my parents yard.  I am cringing what the ethanol gas is doing to my beautiful fuel injection system right now.  It will probably start like a snow blower in the fall when I get back to it. (It is hanging out with snow blowers over the summer. Snow blowers on summer vacation are a famously bad influence for anything they hang out with. Snow blowers in summer are the lazy mafia dons of the garage.)

My brother and his family live in Montana so we stopped on the way.

Also... a few pictures.

Three days in the car with these cats... and about a month hanging out with them ahead of us.  This is the Top Gear style photo.

Dad... and his oddly trouble free car pulling my boat.

 Yep... three days... luckily Dad gets satellite FOX NEWS Radio in his car, so we all can spool up about global warming, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton at least 4 times an hour.  A few months on the river with no news during elections should just about de-tox him from fox news... I hope.  To bad he doesn't do heroin or some other easy addiction to break.  (Also, fox news is way less interesting without the perpetual leggy visuals!)

Last modifications to the boat in my brother's frond yard. Mountain Boat! Though, everyone familiar with The Mermaid and commercial shipping of the Great Lakes (basically my family), thinks I have built a small iron oar boat... (Honestly though, I did consider container ship hull shapes when I designed her... but don't let them know they are that perceptive.)

This is my parent's current genetic pyramid scheme.  Earlier today, I took my nephew to the airport to see airplanes.  +10 uncle points for getting to see real planes running and taking off, though -3 for not noticing that my nephew's pants were on backwards the whole time.  Oops.  Actually, I have put my own underwear on backwards occasionally and I never notice till I have to pee and can't find the flop through slot so I guess it is a family thing.

Also, we will be on the river starting tomorrow morning!


amateur.sophist said...

A gasoline engine, eh??? This is a highly unexpected turn of events

Notorious said...
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Unknown said...

What kind of pants go on backwards.... are you automatically Harry Houdini when you stop thinking? :)

Unknown said...

What kind of pants go on backwards.... are you automatically Harry Houdini when you stop thinking? :)

Notorious said...

Underpants? Boxers if you don't pay attention...