Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Positive energy turns out just a reinvention of "Little House on the Prairie" style food preservation...

So, I know that many of you are waiting with baited breath for the results of my mind manipulation of physical matter experiments...

After a month and a half, here are the results so far:

Yea... so... it seems that there has been almost no change.  I have several hypothesizes on why all three jars of rice balls have had such little change so far.

First, that my diligent experimental methods have kept all contamination from the rice and thus the rice is sitting there in a totally sterile environment.  The positive and negative energy from my mind have not been able to have an effect on the rice because there is nothing to protect or preserve the rice from.  (I have just re-invented canning.)


Second, is that my house has so much positive energy flowing through it that nothing bad can happen inside it to include the molding or rotting of food.  Even when I try to project negative energy into the bad rice ball, it is overwhelmed with such positive vibes from my being that it can't possibly be consumed by mold or rot in any way.  (Though I had a few bagels I threw away last week that punch a pretty big hole in that theory.)


Third, maybe the sealed glass jar is keeping all my positive and negative energy away from the rice so that it has no way to be influenced and has thus stayed static.

Experiment Phase II:

So with no discernible change at all after a month and a half, I am going to change the experiment slightly.  The first hypothesis seems most likely so I am going to unseal the jars for a few days  (assuming they don't stink) and let the world interact with the contents.  I will still project positive and negative energy at the rice during this open to the environment few days.  After that, I expect some sort of natural contaminants to enter the jars.  If I can influence things...  all jars should be about the same amount contaminated and I will reseal the jars.  After that, my positive thoughts should protect the good rice ball and rot the bad and uncared about rice.

Stay tooned!

I will admit that this experiment has made me MUCH more conscience of when I am being positive and negative with the world around me.  What I have found is that I can very significantly effect the people and animals around me with my positive and negative energy and outlook.  I have been doing some experiments on people at work and I can change the entire mood in a room or my cockpit with just a few comments or a smile and a greeting.  It feels crazy powerful to do this... Like I am a puppet master or movie director or something.  I will of course continue to use my growing powers to try and make the world a better place, but I still want to be a wizard that can rot rice with my mind!  More practice obviously!

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Time to update this blog. What fun are rice balls and Little House on the Prairie every day. Week. Month.