Sunday, January 09, 2011

What you have all been waiting for:

So over the last 4 months (Yes, that is all I have lived here.) I have gotten numerous requests for pictures and descriptions of my living situation having moved into an old auto shop. It had been a body shop, but had closed for a few years before I moved in. It isn't quite right to call it abandoned, but only in the sense that I found a land lord to pay rent to.

I'll let the pictures and captions do the talking.

From the main door looking at the living area. The green camo thing is a big surplus cargo parachute I got to put over the living area to keep dust and dirt out of the area where I eat spaghetti. Marginally it works. It makes the inside feel like a big green womb.

The bedroom first iteration. This is still when the futon was my bed. I have it stacked on pallets to keep me farther off the cement floor and farther from the spiders.

Eventually I decided that after 8 years sleeping on the futon maybe I should get a real bed.

This is my bed on it's way home from the lumber yard.

Before I had my truck obviously.

As I was designing it in my head, I was thinking about how to keep warmer in the winter. My thoughts went to... "why don't they have beds, with a sort of cover over them... like a canopy or something..."

Bingo. So I build a canopy bed! (You can see it in the background. It is without the canopy in this picture. The canopy I have is actually a white silk parachute. Very dreamy when it is there. Though it doesn't hold nearly as much heat in as I had expected.

You also see my living room in this picture. All the amenities of a real home, but without dumb things like stainable carpet.

The kitchen: Food... check, ways to cook it... check, ways to preserve it... check. That is really all there is to that then.

The Grand Dinning Room. This is where I entertain heads of state.


The Caddy in her dry dock. Soon to be an electric car.

The former power plant of the caddy as well as left over implements from when this was a body shop. The track you see on the floor is actually a frame jig for straightening cars frames that have been in wrecks. I don't use it.

The ground equipment storage area.

The fabrication area.

Sweet Home!


Alana said...

Wow, I'm impressed! I always pictured you living in a work shop/garage. Looks like you've become domestic too... with a real bed AND a new couch!!!

amateur.sophist said...

huh. The living area is a lot bigger than i expected and the garage area is smaller than i expected.

Notorious said...

Well, it is reconfigurable... the garage space is smaller? I can' probably fit 4 buick/caddy sized cars, as well as a few motorcycles and the jeep in here at the same time. I forgot to take pictures of the whole paint booth area because right now it is just storing excess parts. I think my pictures must not have captured it all very well. It is kind of like taking pictures of Glacier National Park. Pictures don't do the awesomeness justice.

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh man. Jr


Big green wombs... man that brings back the memories.

I learned a lot that summer.