Sunday, October 04, 2009

I am just here for the view!

Since I am mostly talking to myself on here... I'll entertain myself with some pictures from a recent Osprey training flight.

Expencive... CHECK
Breaks alot... CHECK
Dangerous operating charictaristics... CHECK
Fun as fuck when everything is working... CHECK

Obviously the V-22 Osprey is an Italian sports car!

Myrtle Beach from about 3000 feet.

This video I took should clear up why I think all of you people mumble now.

"What did you say?"

Cross cockpit view of Charleston... or at least a bridge into Charleston, SC.

One of the Rolls Royce powerplants... and a few gearboxes.

Sweet! More water!


Gams said...

excellent views - check.
jealousy inducing sunlight - check.
million dollar smile - check.
severe cochlear damage - check, check check!

well played, sir.

Anonymous said...

you spelled "expensive" and "characteristics" wrong...

: )

Hollywood and I are talking about rolling up there or meeting you somewhere. Got a good time?


Notorious said...

Cochlear damage... oh well, I have found if it is worth saying, it is worth repeating. "What...??"

It is a damn poor mind indeed which can't think of at least two ways to spell any word.

- Andrew Jackson

Thank you for pointing out that I am now flying one of those aircraft where one guy can take pictures and the other can eat his lunch. It is the one advantage of all the computers. The other being that I was at first thinking I would have to speed up my 90 knot finger to being a 240 knot finger... but it turns out I just convert it into a button pushing finger... and just watch the digital map on one of the screens. Three Inertial Navigation Systems and a GPS simplify finding your way around from "Clock, to Map, to Ground" into "Map, to Helmet-bag."

This thing is a space ship! (Even with 1980's designed computers in it.) (We don't have an oven, toilet, or coffee maker though...)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, in the future we'll be able to beam our phonetically spelled words directly into other peoples brainspaces. with death rays. of death