Tuesday, September 22, 2009

V-22 Osprey Documentary

Several folks have been asking about the V-22. This sums it up pretty well.

I think it has a few to many computers... but maybe the glass cockpit will grow on me. Other than that...


Anonymous said...

So should we be concerned that the video begins with a priest sprinkling holy water on the Osprey?

And you have that high and tight hair now, right?

Notorious said...

Priest... what priest? That is a V-22 avionics technician.

I don't have a high and tight yet, but I do spend all my time subtlety feeling like I need a hair cut.

Anonymous said...

One minute and ten seconds into the video. Hah! Stole, psalter. All that's missing are the altar boys. A bit different from breaking a bottle of champagne over the nose.