Saturday, February 28, 2009

In the news again.

But this time, I managed to keep my name out of it personally.

The lead picture was taken from inside my wingman's aircraft. Figures, the only time they aren't flying right at my 6'... If any of you know Maj. H. personally please give him shit for the rest of his career for having the New York Times photographer taking pictures of inside his cockpit... and forgetting to take out the FUCKING GIGANTIC "Remove Before Flight" flag from his countermeasures panel! My flares went off that day too... weird it didn't remind him...


Broheim said...

Seriously It could be worse. One of our other battalions took some Washington Post reporter with them to a Baghdad night club where they went and had some beers and hung out with prostitutes and then let the owner tell them that the americans show up 4 or 5 times a week and have a great time. I can only imagine the shit storm that will create.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's attempting to instill lazy habits into them. This way, they'll be even easier to defeat when they're our enemies in five years.

(to destroy them, first we had to create them)