Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ukraine flying... like real flying, only more fun and less civilized.

Somethings are just a little surreal. Somethings just feel right.

So, it is pretty much a universal truth... if you have a helicopter and a river, they will be combined. Mikola (The Instructor Pilot) took the controls and said "Attention, attention... river... I am controller." That is about all the english he knew, but the point was clear. "I have the controls, Watch this shit!"

Along the River Niper. This is the flight and book keeping college.

Down town and some of the parks. There is a helicopter parked in town somewhere, can you find it?

Mikola. What else would an old Russian Instructor Pilot look like.

Ok. I am just getting sappy. I am taking pictures of flowering trees and growing grass. Spring hit full force the last 2 days. After living in dried out brown places for the last 5 years, I am so thrilled to see green things! Shit, sometimes I watch golf just to see the grass.


amateur.sophist said...

That mustache is the champion. I had one just like it not too long ago.

Is that the same statue downtown that you were standing in front of previously, modeling your stache?

Notorious said...

In fact it is! Any time you can get your picture taken with a giant statue of Lenin, you should do it.

Chestocrates said...

Life's been great since the revolution! We've got potatos, vodka, potatovodka, KR3VB, potatos, and vodka. and potatos.

Watch out. You may or may not be reaching the critical mass of awesomeness.

ΕΡΜΕΣ said...

helicopters and rivers, eh? yeah i played River Raid on Commodore64 too. been there, done that.

hey how come i'm not on your blogroll, beyotch?