Saturday, July 07, 2007

Montana survives Chestocrates and vice a versa...

Though the Montana landscape is quite impressive, the ten to one guy to girl ratio around here didn't go un noticed by Chestocrates.

Not pictured here:
(along with reason there is no picture of that event)

Canoe killing rapids (No way to take the picture and survive.)

The jerk cop (We didn't want pictures of that guy.)

Cowboys Dancing to Nine inch Nails (I am not making that up... though the picture would never work with out the sound.)

The entire town of Great Falls not celebrating the 4th of July (Couldn't get the angle right.)

Chestocrates looking up from some nachos and seriously asking "Do you suppose if that were the case, that we could even be conscience of what our bacterial masters and overlords intended? (No reason to take a picture of that, Chestocrates would just want to fuzz out his own face.)


Sam said...

Is the second photo a shrine to a mini-bar or an incredibly intricate rifle target?

Anonymous said...

If the bacteria cells outnumber the human cells, it logically follows that we are the parasites, and they are the masters.

kodjo said...

When did it get green around the windmills??