Monday, February 12, 2007

If it has an engine, I can drive it!

Hollywood: Dude! This weather sucks!
Notorious: I don't cancel on a forecast!
Hollywood: This is an observation...
Notorious: Hey, who here studied weather?!

(From the commander's office window)

Commander: Are those chuckleheads really planning to fly?

Notorious: If we don't fly today, they will make us do real work.
Hollywood: I have a better idea!

Notorious: You are a genius! I can't believe they left the keys in them.
Hollywood: We should get another one and race!

Notorious: I call the yellow one.

Hollywood: You ready to eat snow Notorious?

Notorious: Taste my avalanche Hollywood!

Commander: What do you mean my pilots stole your plows... I can see them right here out my window...


cheeky said...

I'm glad to see that if the helicopter business doesn't work out for you for whatever reason, you have a promising career in snow removal.

Chestocrates said...

Nice work.
That picture of you behind the wheel of the plow was fucking brilliant.

(You are the fucking man.)

amateur.sophist said...

Some people just aren't happy unless they're driving something

I have to go sit in the Fiat now

Notorious said...

As for the career in snow removal... it has been snowing for two weeks strait... it seems like there is a lot of job secureity there. It is almost silly to go to work for me. I just go there to look out the window and sware.

The pictures may be brilliant, but a flightline snowplow at your fingertips is freaking stupendous! That yellow bastard has a 30' wide blade and goes over 40 mph wile plowing up to 2 feet of snow depth! If a 6 yearold was desinging a snow plow, that is the one they would design!

At least you can sit in your fiat, I took my seats out... and the doors are frozen shut. literally...