Friday, May 12, 2006

Killers, bears, and captains

This week I saw two Bears. They were either brown bears or grizzles. Either way... They looked hungry. They were hanging out together and they were huge. Definantly one of those times that a personal fire-team comes in handy.

I got promoted... I am now a Captain in the Air Force. What this really means is that if I screw up really big, it goes on my permonant record instead of being chalked up to being a new guy. I think I would have rather stayed a lieutenant. I might have to start doing actual work now.

I was at Lewistown Montana's airport today. There was two guys that rolled in in a Hughes 500. (this is the Ferrari of helicopters) One was the pilot and the other the gunner. I went over to talk to them. As it turns out... thier entire job is to kill coyotes, wolfs, and bears. They work for the Federal Government for the Fish and Wild Life department... (that may not be exactly right... but it is close) anyway... all they do is fly around all day and shoot preditors here in Montana. They are out to protect the livestock! At 10am this morning thier total was 0 bears, 3 wolfs, and 30+ coyotes.


kodjo said...

if you flew for the coast guard you *would* be a lieutenant. : )


Capt. James Tiberius Kirk said...

I'm from Iowa. I just work in outer space.



Chestocrates said...

In celebration of your success, your colleague Capt. Morgan and I hit the town. I then promoted myself to Brigadier General and later demoted you back to Lieutenant, after which I explained to some people how important I was, and how much I could do if I had some money.

It all seemed like a good idea at the time.

amateur.sophist said...

did you tell them how you "just wanted to talk to this guy?" and then proceed to run back to the dance floor all the while your cooler, more chilled out roommates drank like 37 beers that belonged to some loser from northern?

Notorious said...

Yes... yes to all that...

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